Applying a JAABA Classifier to a New Video

After you have trained a behavior classifier, there are several ways to apply it to automatically classify the behaviors of all animals in novel videos. This can be done within JAABA, with JAABAPlot, or from the MATLAB command-line using JAABADetect.

The classifier's automatic predictions for a given experiment are output to a scores .mat file within the experiment directory.


Applying a Behavior Classifier


Within JAABA, you can apply the classifier associated with the current JAABA project using the Classifier->Predict menu:

Using JAABAPlot

You can use JAABAPlot to apply behavior classifiers in batch to a set of experiments. As described in Plotting JAABA's Output, this can be done by

Using JAABADetect

From the MATLAB command-line, you can run the function JAABADetect to classify input experiment(s) with input classifier(s). To do this:

This will result in the scores files being saved to the experiment directories.

JAABADetect usage:

JAABADetect(expdirs,'jabfiles',jabfiles,...) JAABADetect(expdirs,'jabfilelist',jabfilelist,...) Inputs: Optional inputs are given using the form 'name',value: Example usage: JAABADetect('/home/bransonk/JAABA/demo/SampleChaseExperiment','jabfiles','/home/bransonk/JAABA/demo/SampleChaseJAABAProject.jab')

Scores File Structure

The output of the JAABA classifier associated with a given JAABA project is stored to a scores .mat file within the experiment directory. This is a MATLAB mat file containing the following variables:

Loading Predictions

Previously saved predictions can be loaded from file into the current JAABA session. These loaded scores will be shown in the bottom portion of the Automatic Timeline if Loaded is selected from the pop-up menu on the left. Predictions can be loaded by selecting any of the options under the menu File -> Import Scores: