JAABA: Saving and Loading Results


Saving the Classifier, Labels, and Project Parameters

As described in Creating a New Project, all data associated with a given behavior classifier is stored in a JAABA project file with the extension .jab, including the project parameters, classifier, and training data labels and locations. These can be saved to the current .jab file by selecting File->Save or to a new .jab file by selecting File->Save As....

Creating Different Versions of a Behavior Classifier

We often find it useful to create different versions of a behavior classifier. This can be thought of as creating a "restore point" that we can go back to if we do not like the modifications to the classifier we make. For example, we might do this if we have a classifier that is working fairly well, but we want to see what happens if we add a new type of data. To do this, we use the File->Save As... to create a new .jab file. Then, we can go back to the previous .jab file if we are unhappy with the changes we make.

Classifier's Predictions

Saving Predictions

After training a classifier, the whole trajectory of a animal, the whole experiment, or all the experiments can be classified by selecting one of the options under the Classifier -> Classify menu, see Examining the Classifier's Predictions for details. The classifier's predictions and raw output scores can be saved to a file for several of the options under this menu. The saved predictions can also be used as input for other projects.

Loading Predictions

Previously saved predictions can be loaded from file into the current JAABA session. These loaded scores will be shown in the bottom portion of the Automatic Timeline if Loaded is selected from the pop-up menu on the left. Predictions can be loaded by selecting any of the options under the menu File -> Load Scores:

Options not mentioned above should not be used, and are there for backwards compatability purposes.