JAABA: Labeling Trajectories


Adding or Changing Labels

JAABA creates classifiers that predict whether or not the animal(s) are performing a given behavior (specified in the Project Configuration) in each frame. In the screen capture below, we are labeling whether the flies are Chasing or not. Thus, the label for each animal in each frame can have one of three values, and there are three buttons on the top-right side of the JAABA interface corresponding to these.

To add or change labels, click the relevant button to put the labeling pen down, then navigate forward or backward in time. The frames being labeled will be outlined in a dashed white box. Click the relevant button again to pick the labeling pen up. All the frames between the pen-down and pen-up frames will be labeled.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can assign keyboard shortcuts to each of the label buttons. The shortcuts can be assigned using Edit -> Label Shortcuts... For example, we like to assign: