JAABA Frequently Asked Questions


JAABA gives a warning about matlabpool when starting on MAC OSX 10.6

There is an incompatibility between up-to-date versions of Java and MATLAB on MAC OSX 10.6. When starting JAABA, if you see a warning that looks like this:
>> StartJAABA
Warning: Could not set up matlabpool: Error using initclient (line 37)
Java exception occurred:
        at java.util.logging.Logger.demandLogger(Logger.java:286)
        at java.util.logging.Logger.getLogger(Logger.java:321)

Error in distcomp/schema (line 11)

Error in parcluster (line 39)
    s = parallel.Settings;

Error in SetUpMatlabPool (line 10)

Error in StartJAABA (line 25)
  nthreads = SetUpMatlabPool();

> In StartJAABA at 29
then you may need to download and extract the MATLAB patch, as described at: MathWorks Bug Report 919688. Note that this warning is actually fatal for JAABA, as it requires the Parallel Computing Toolbox.