JAABA: Navigating within and between Videos

Within the main JAABA interface, there are several methods for navigating in time and space within a video, between different animals in the same video, and between different videos. This will allow you to easily find new, informative frames to label and evaluate the performance of the current classifier.


Navigating in Time

JAABA Interface Screenshot

Switching to Different Animals and Videos

There are two ways to switch which animal is currently being annotated.

Navigating in Space

Navigation Preferences

Pushing Shift-Right and Shift-Left lets you navigate to configurable frames of interest for the currently selected fly. You can configure which frames it navigates to using the Navigation Preferences dialog (menu item Go -> Navigation Preferences). Options include:

Within the Navigation Preferences dialog you can also select how many frames are jumped (N. frames jump) when using the Up and Down arrow keys.

You can select which behaviors to jump to using the Shift and Control/Command modifier keys. For example, if you select only Chase in Seek to next/previous then Control will jump just to bouts of chasing.

Navigation Preferences Dialog Screenshot